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Who is eligible to play soccer in MCYSA?

Players must meet the minimum age requirements:

For the 2010/2011 Season eligible players have birth dates between August 1, 2006 and July 31, 1996 (U4-U16)

Are players placed in divisions according to their school grade or their birth dates?


Players are placed in age groups according to their birth date IAW the US Youth Soccer age groups.  See the current USSYS/KYSA Seasonal Birth Years - Recreational Chart to determine your child's age division.

Playing Up

Players may request to play up one age division from their age appropriate division with a special request and approval from the Board.

Program Descriptions

U12 and below are Small Sided games as defined and regulated by the US Youth Soccer and the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association.

Under 4 (U4)

U4 is a co-ed division that plays 3v3 with no referees.  U4 teams play 1 game a week and recommended practice is 1 per week for 25-35 minutes.  U4 uses a size 3 ball.

Under 6 (U6)

U6 is a co-ed division that plays 3v3 with no referees.  U6 teams play 1 game a week and recommended practice is 1 per week for 30-45 minutes.  U6 uses a size 3 ball.

Under 8 (U8)

U8 is a co-ed division that plays 4v4 and goalie.   U8 teams play 1-2 games a week and recommended practice is 1-2 per week for 45-60 minutes.  U8 uses a size 3 ball.

Under 10 (U10)

U10 is a co-ed division that plays 5v5 and goalie.   U10 teams play 1-2 games a week and recommended practice is 1-2 per week for 60 minutes.  U10 teams travel to Radcliff, Elizabethtown, Rineyville and Vine Grove for some of their games.  U10 uses a size 4 ball.

Under 12 (U12)

U12 is a co-ed division that plays 7v7 and goalie.   U12 teams play 1-2 games a week and recommended practice is 1-2 per week for 60-75 minutes.  U12 teams travel to Radcliff, Elizabethtown, Rineyville, Fort Knox, Corydon, and Vine Grove for some of their games.  U12 uses a size 4 ball.

Under 14 (U14)

U14 is a co-ed division that plays 11v11 (includes goalie).  U14 teams play 1-2 games a week and recommended practice is 1-2 per week for 60-75 minutes.  U14 teams travel to Radcliff, Elizabethtown, Rineyville, Fort Knox, Corydon, Breckenridge County, and Vine Grove for some of their games.

Under 16 (U16)

U16 is a co-ed division that plays 11v11 (includes goalie).  U16 teams play 1-2 games a week and recommended practice is 1-2 per week for 60-75 minutes.  U16 teams travel to Radcliff, Elizabethtown, Rineyville, Fort Knox, Corydon, Breckenridge County, and Vine Grove for some of their games.

What do I need to provide to MCYSA to register my player?

All players must submit proof of age when registering with MCYSA for the first time.  Proof of age can consist of any of the following:


  • A birth certificate,


  • A valid driver’s license,


  • A Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (DD Form 1173) issued by the Uniformed Services of the United States, or birth registration issued by an appropriate government agency, board of health records, Passport,


  • Alien registration card issued by the United States government (i.e. I 94),


  • A certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age or a certificate of an American citizen born abroad issued by the appropriate government agency,


  • Hospital, baptismal or religious certificates will not be accepted.


A copy of the document must be left with the registrar.  This can be done at registration, mailed in, or sent as an attachment to an email message sent to

How many soccer seasons are there?

MCYSA has two seasons:


Season dates generally fun from mid-August through early November with registration dates generally running from early May through early July (exact dates change each year).


Season dates generally run from mid-March through May with registration generally running from December through February (exact dates change each year).

How can I register to play soccer?

Walk-in registration sessions are usually offered immediately prior to the registration deadline.  These sessions are usually published, along with the registration information for that season, on the MCYSA website homepage. Registration forms are located on the website and may be printed and mailed in along with a check or money order as payment, and proof of age (if a new player).  Envelopes must be postmarked by the registration deadline or the player will be considered late. The MCYSA is offering an on-line registration process starting with the Spring 2011 season as an option to the walk-in or mail-in options.

Can my child still play if I missed the registration deadline?

Players registering after the registration deadline are placed in a Player Pool.  Players must complete the entire registration process of filling out a registration form, submitting proof of age, and paying the registration fee by check.  The check will not be processed until the player is placed on a team.


Player Pool players are placed on a first come, first served basis per age division.  Players may stay in the Player Pool until roughly two weeks after the season start date.  In the event a player cannot be placed in that season, all documents on the player will be shredded and the player notified.

What are the costs of playing soccer?

Registration Fees (for one season)

U4 - $30*


U6/U8 - $40*


U10/U12/U14/U16 - $50*


* Other costs include uniforms and soccer equipment (see below).

Financial Assistance

Players needing financial assistance with the registration fee should write or email the MCYSA Vice President.  Approved individuals are asked to volunteer in exchange for the scholarship if possible.

Uniform Costs

The uniforms are determined and ordered by each team individually.  Uniforms start at about $20 and work up in price according to the team's or coach's choice.


Each player needs the following for every game and practice:


  • Shin guards


  • Soccer cleats


  • Soccer ball:  size 3 for U4-U8; size 4 for U10-U12; size 5 for U14-U16


  • Water bottle

How do the players get put onto teams?

Players are assigned to teams based on a blind draw method using the player's registration form.  Players are not needed at the actual draw.


Special Requests allowed with Board approval include:


  • requesting to playing up one age division;


  • requesting to play with sibling or first cousin in the same age category;


  • requesting to be placed back into the draw for placement on a different team than the immediate previous season's team


Special Requests should be made at the time of registration.

Once my child is on a team, can we stay on that team or are the players reshuffled each season?

MCYSA keeps teams together from season to season provided there are returning players.  Returning players are placed back onto their immediate past season roster before player pool players (any new player or player who has requested to go into the draw) are blindly drafted to the teams in the division.


Occasionally a team is disbanded because there are too few returning players to the team or not enough players in the pool to keep the teams in the division at the desirable minimum roster level.  Returning players of disbanded teams are automatically placed into the draft, often without contact to parents.  MCYSA's role is to provide soccer to players to the best of its ability and there is not always enough time or resources to contact each player in this situation.


Returning players returning to their immediate past season team must register by the established registration deadline to be allowed back onto that team.


Players returning after sitting out a season are considered new and placed in the player pool (draw) appropriate for that player's birth date.  MCYSA will still have the player's proof of age from the original registration transaction.

Can I coach my child's team?

MCYSA, like most outdoor soccer associations, is a volunteer run organization.  All teams are coached by a parent, aunt, uncle or friend of a player on the team.  All volunteer coaches must pass a criminal background check, are required to obtain the appropriate level of training by the second annual season, and are responsible for knowing the laws of the game.  See Coaches section.

But I don't know anything about soccer.

Most of the people that coach recreational soccer knew nothing about the sport when they started.  MCYSA and KYSA both provide soccer clinics to help you in learning drills, the rules of the game, etc.  Age group commissioners are there to provide support, advice, ideas, etc.  If we can, we try to pair together a head and assistant coach where one has experience.  Coaching is a very rewarding experience that gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your child.  Give it a try!

What is the MCYSA refund policy?

Registration Refund Requests

Refunds will be given on registration fees provided the request is received in writing (via mail or email) before the player is placed on a team.  Refunds will be for the registration fee paid for the player minus a $15 administrative fee.  Family discounts received may further reduce the amount refunded.  Registration feeds cannot be deferred to another season.

Other Refunds

Full refunds will be issued in the case where a team is not formed because of a lack of players.

When will I hear from my child's coach?

The coaches will contact the players usually within one week of roster distribution for that age division.  Coaches are given phone and email contact information with the roster.

What days are practices?

Each coach sets the dates and times of the practices.  Coaches do everything they can to accommodate the needs of the team, but these volunteers have constraints as well (personal schedule, conflicts with other teams, field availability, etc.).  Be prepared for practice on any day of the week.  Note: Any conflicts with practice times or days should be resolved between the player and the coach of the team on which the player is rostered.  There will be no trading or swapping of players between teams due to practice conflicts.

When are the games?

Each team will be scheduled for a total of 10-14 games, depending on the age division, each season.  The majority of the games will be played on Saturdays, but there will be between 2-5 weeknight games during each season.  Makeup games may be scheduled on a Sunday after 1pm.  If absolutely necessary, weeknight makeup games may be scheduled. Some teams may choose to participate in tournaments hosted by other clubs as well.

Where are the games played?

All of the U8 and younger division games are played on fields located in the Brandenburg area.  We currently maintain fields at the Brandenburg River Front Park and the Meade-Olin Park.  U4, U6 and U8 play their games at Meade-Olin Park.  U14 home games are played there as well.  U10, U12 and the U11 Select team play their home games at the Brandenburg River Front Park.  U10 away games are played in Vine Grove, Radcliff, Rineyville, and Fort Knox.  U12-U14 away games are played in Vine Grove, Radcliff, Rineyville, Fort Knox and LaRue and Breckinridge counties.


The Brandenburg River Front Park and Meade-Olin Park layout, along with driving directions to the away fields can be found on the website.

How and when do we get our team's schedule each season?

All schedules are posted on the MCYSA web site ( after the teams are assigned.  Changes that have to be made during the course of the season are posted there as well.  Coaches will provide a copy of the schedule to all players.  The flow of publishing schedules is:


  • Initial schedules for U4-U12 will be published within 10 days of the team formation and coach's meeting following the conclusion of the registration.  These schedules will typically define the games for the first 2 - 3 weeks of the MCYSA season.


  • The final version of the U4-U8 schedules will be published by the first week of MCYSA league play.


  • The goal for publishing the final version of the U10-U16 schedules is to have them published by the second week of MCYSA league play.  However, this process is linked directly to the efforts of the associated leagues' input to the master scheduler.  In some cases this can result in the full season's schedule not being available until after the second week of MCYSA league play.


  • The MCYSA also sends out notification via email when schedules are available and when they are changed or updated.

Who officiates the games in MCYSA?

Most referees that officiate MCYSA's games are the local youth of Meade County.  Most are big brothers or big sisters of MCYSA players, they attend Meade County's middle and high schools and they are your neighbors.  These young teens are referees in training.  Do not expect to have a perfect game called.  Please respect these kids, support and aid them in the efforts to continue to be a better referee.  Without them there would be many games without a referee.  Do not approach them at the field for any clarification of any rule.  Every coach, parent, spectator and player should take it upon themselves to know the rules.  The referees are not there to educate you.  Take up any questions you may have with your coach or via email/phone with your commissioner.  Remember that this is a recreational soccer game and not Youth World Cup.


If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact  We always need referees.  This is also an excellent way to learn the rules and really understand the game.

Will my player get a trophy each season?

Each player will receive a participation medal at the end of each season.  The medals are picked up the last official game day of the season and distributed by the coach.

How much will my child play in each game?

Each coach is required to play each player 50% of each game he/she attends provided that the player is willing to participate at that level.  The child will not be forced to play by the coach.

What about inclement weather?

Soccer is played in the rain, cold, sleet and snow, but never during a thunderstorm (visible lightning).  The Board Executive, with input from commissioners, are responsible for determining whether a game must be canceled or postponed due to weather at any time up to the start of play.  Cancellation decisions will be posted to the MCYSA hotline - 270-422-KICK (5425).


With sudden changes in weather the referee has the final authority to postpone, suspend, or abandon a game due to bad weather or other circumstances he/she judges to be unsatisfactory or unsafe at or after the scheduled starting time for that game.  Coaches are responsible for practice decisions.  If it starts to thunder (visible lightning within 6 miles) during a game, the referee will usually stop the game for 10-15 minutes to see if it stops.  If it doesn't stop, the referee may call the game.   Game and practice play can only resume after 30 minutes has passed since lightning has been observed within 6 miles.


The MCYSA makes every effort to contact coaches to inform them of cancellations as quickly after the cancellation decision has been made.  If you haven't been contacted, the game is probably still scheduled to be played - despite the weather conditions at your home or work.  Remember it may not be thundering (visible lightning) at the playing fields.  Always make sure that the coach has every number you can be reached at in case a practice or a game is cancelled for any reason.

I would like to become more involved.  What can I do?

MCYSA is a 100% volunteer organization.  There are always needs for concessions help, field prep, and special events.  Please send a note to


You can also volunteer to be a "Team Parent" with your coach.  This is a parent who helps the coach with organizational issues like team snacks.

Where do I find out more about soccer?

We have provided links to good sources of information on soccer on our links page.  Coach and referee clinics are held throughout the state during the course of the year.  You can also find lots of books at either bookstores or soccer specialty stores, along with DVDs that will explain the game.  We encourage all parents, especially if their children like the sport, to find out more about the game.

Why does the MCYSA need my email address?

It is important that the MCYSA always have a reliable and updated email address(es) for each player.  Mass emails are sent out with important information like:


  • season schedules posted online;


  • registration reminders;


  • call for coaches;


  • community events;


  • special offers for MCYSA members


Changes to email addresses or any player/coach contact information should be sent to the registrar.

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