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Inclement Weather

Soccer is played in the rain, cold, sleet and snow, but never during a thunderstorm (visible lightning).  The Board Executive, with input from commissioners, are responsible for determining whether a game must be canceled or postponed due to weather at any time up to the start of play.  Cancellation decisions will be posted to the MCYSA hotline - 270-422-KICK (5425).


With sudden changes in weather the referee has the final authority to postpone, suspend, or abandon a game due to bad weather or other circumstances he/she judges to be unsatisfactory or unsafe at or after the scheduled starting time for that game.  Coaches are responsible for practice decisions.  If it starts to thunder (visible lightning within 6 miles) during a game, the referee will usually stop the game for 10-15 minutes to see if it stops.  If it doesn't stop, the referee may call the game.   Game and practice play can only resume after 30 minutes has passed since lightning has been observed within 6 miles.


The MCYSA makes every effort to contact coaches to inform them of cancellations as quickly after the cancellation decision has been made.  If you haven't been contacted, the game is probably still scheduled to be played - despite the weather conditions at your home or work.  Remember it may not be thundering (visible lightning) at the playing fields.  Always make sure that the coach has every number you can be reached at in case a practice or a game is cancelled for any reason.


And remember - Cancellation decisions will be posted to the MCYSA hotline - 270-422-KICK (5425).

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