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Fall 2017 MCYSA Schedules



How and when do we get our team's schedule each season?

All schedules are posted on the MCYSA web site ( after the teams are assigned.  Changes that have to be made during the course of the season are posted there as well.  Coaches will provide a copy of the schedule to all players.  The flow of publishing schedules is:


  • Initial schedules for U4-U12 will be published within 10 days of the team formation and coach's meeting following the conclusion of the registration.  These schedules will typically define the games for the first 2 - 3 weeks of the MCYSA season.


  • The final version of the U4-U8 schedules will be published by the first week of MCYSA league play.


  • The goal for publishing the final version of the U10-U16 schedules is to have them published by the second week of MCYSA league play.  However, this process is linked directly to the efforts of the associated leagues' input to the master scheduler.  In some cases this can result in the full season's schedule not being available until after the second week of MCYSA league play.


  • The MCYSA also sends out notification via email when schedules are available and when they are changed or updated.

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Early Registration Ends

- Saturday, 5 Aug

Regular Registration Ends

- Sunday, 13 Aug

Coaches' Meeting

- Sunday, 20 Aug

Season Begins

- Tuesday, 5 Sep